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Flavio Avila's unwavering commitment, dedication, and an insatiable thirst for excellence serve as the guiding beacons of his pursuit of success, a quest that extends far beyond personal aspirations to encompass the ultimate satisfaction of his esteemed real estate clientele. As a seasoned specialist in both the domains of property rentals and sales, Flavio embodies an exceptional level of conscientiousness, optimism, and relentless diligence, infusing each transaction and interaction with an unparalleled sense of purpose.
Flavio's multifaceted professional journey has meticulously honed a diverse and invaluable skill set, expertly primed to navigate the intricate landscape of real estate. His tenure in the construction industry endowed him with a profound appreciation for the art of building, fostering an acute comprehension of various trades, while simultaneously refining his peerless attention to detail, honed through his roles as a visionary team leader.
Drawing from his extensive background in wealth management, Flavio brings to bear a formidable arsenal of negotiation acumen, analytical prowess, and an intimate knowledge of financial markets, all of which constitute the bedrock of his real estate practice. His tenure in the realm of hospitality, specifically as a distinguished fine dining restaurant manager, has fortified his adeptness in directing, mentoring, and orchestrating white-glove service—a legacy that permeates every facet of his service ethos.
Hailing from the vibrant borough of Queens, Flavio stands as a quintessential native New Yorker, endowed with an innate and profound understanding of the diverse tapestry of neighborhoods that comprise the city's dynamic real estate mosaic. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Flavio's linguistic fluency facilitates seamless communication and engagement with an array of clients from various backgrounds.
Beyond his sterling professional pursuits, Flavio's personal passions find expression in an eclectic array of interests, which includes the pursuits of hiking, swimming, gastronomic exploration, an ardor for both playing and spectating in the realm of sports, and a wanderlust that propels him to explore diverse corners of the globe. These personal passions imbue him with a rich tapestry of experiences, which he seamlessly integrates into his real estate practice to provide clients with a holistic, world-class service experience.


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