Alta is a boutique luxury real estate firm founder by top broker Rick Kelly and backed by San Francisco based Side, Inc - a 3-billion-dollar technology and systems firm. As a firm, we individually have unparalleled success and longevity – 750 successful sales over 20 years from $500,000 to $20,000,000 encompassing up markets, down markets, slow and fast markets.

Alta’s competitive advantage with clients is threefold - our experience, our hustle and our expertise- each invaluable to succeeding in the hyper competitive world of New York City real estate.

“Just Win
It will bring out the best in you, draw on all of your creativity and cement the habits of perseverance and excellence in which there is no comparison. There is no higher reward or sweeter taste than that of success over difficult circumstances and the immeasurable spoils. Do not accept anything less than total victory. You deserve it and it deserves you“

Rick Kelly | Founder
Alta Real Estate

What we are looking for

  • Individual agents, brokers & teams
  • 2+ years in sales
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Willingness to learn, change for the better and succeed on a large scale.
  • An abundance mentality
  • Sense of Humor

What we offer

  • Culture of smart like-minded professionals performing at the top of our abilities
  • Mentoring & coaching with both time-proven and cutting-edge techniques
  • Luxury based market positioning and branding
  • Multiple lead generation sources from both internal and external channels
  • Best-in-market performance based split structure
  • Fantastic cutting-edge systems including CRM, digital marketing

For confidential inquiries and to learn more, please email us from your personal email: [email protected]   

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