Tale of 2 Cities, Recently Reduced Condos, Blue Mountain

Tale of 2 Cities, Recently Reduced Condos, Blue Mountain

  • Rick Kelly
  • 12/2/22
Market Notes
I've been previewing a lot of apartments for 2 clients of mine in Downtown Manhattan and have been seeing and talking to many listing brokers about the state of the market. The general consensus is that turnkey properties that are well priced or units with rare qualities like river or park views are still getting seen and bid on.
The inventory that needs updating however or has marginal views or light is just sitting. Perhaps yesterday's huge rally in the stock market and the realization that we might be dodging a recession will reinvigorate some of the fence sitters, but the seasonal slowdown in both inventory and demand is likely to continue through mid february I believe. Well priced properties will sell eventually, but owners need to be patient in the current environment.
~ Rick Kelly

Manhattan Market Weekly Numbers
Manhattan Market Weekly Numbers
Kelly's Corner
During the Pandemic, I rented a place north of the city for my family. Near where we stayed was a magical state park where we hiked everyday and looked at frogs in the creek and saw deer grazing. There wa also a stable where you could rent horse rides for kids and adults. If you want a quick and secluded getaway Id highly recommend Blue Mountain. We still return there and there's very little traffic and a lot of nature, mountains, lakes and streams. Directions
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